Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ah yes. Curb Appeal.

So much is said, so much is written about curb appeal. It’s an important enough detail that we find surveys and articles continuously presenting a litany of viewpoints.

One thing is certain. The importance of first impressions never wanes.
According to the summer 2012 issue of Professional Builder, curb appeal still leads the way being most valued by the perspective buyer stating, “Buyers most value ‘Great Design’ and energy performance when evaluating exterior options.”
In general, Great Design/Curb Appeal lead the way with every 3 out of 4 surveyed saying this is their top consideration when evaluating exterior design schemes. Slightly more than half of those surveyed, mentioned energy performance as a key consideration for the purchase.  

A majority of builders surveyed said their level of investment in exterior design and materials has increased more today than in the past two years. Builders mention, most people spend more for upgrades in siding, elevation enhancements and high performance windows. 

One of my latest projects is to modernize and update the main lobby for a class A office tower in  downtown Hartford.  The building, whose anchor tenant is a large financial group, along with a variety of brokerage firms and other financial institutions,  will eventually be put on the market for sale. What is the first thing a perspective buyer will see while contemplating spending millions of dollars for a piece of commercial real estate?

Yes, EXACTLY right. The exterior entry leading directly into the main lobby through the glass and steel revolving door.   
Curb appeal. Exterior or Interior, it is the first impression that counts. 
From architects, to landscape architects, to interior designers, all 3 play a big part in specifying the perfect design schemes for the exterior of a home or business.  

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