Wednesday, May 30, 2012

THE COLOUR WHITE - What's White Got To Do With It?

Yes; white is a color and a significant one at that. White may be described, ironically, as the mere absence of color when referring to pigments and in light, white is the presence of all colors.

Have you ever thought of painting an entire room white?

If you peruse through home magazines, you might have noticed the strong movement toward all white rooms inclusive of large artwork of black and white photography. 

Farrow & Ball. 'All White' estate emulsion used on ceiling and walls. 'All White' estate eggshell used on woodwork.
One color used on walls and woodwork, white in this instance, generates a sense of calm in the room. To do this, you use the same shade of white but change the finish sheen levels. Gloss for the trim, matte for the walls and ceiling, and Satin for the floor. Or you can create a dreamy effect by choosing similar shades of different whites using different sheen levels to layer the room's architectural features. Both methods produce a clear, clean look. 

Combining black with white will create an unparalleled neutral landscape. Black juxtaposed to white is powerful yet soft, yin and yang.  Using black as an accent to an all white room brings an air of formality, elegance and sophistication.

White can exaggerate the size of the room as there are no contrasts to draw the eye. An all white room builds inner focus, centers your thoughts therefore creating a feeling of freedom and uncluttered openness. There is nothing to distract your analytical or creative thought process. 

BDDW - Lake Credenza in White Lacquer and Osage Orange

Some may say white is cold and antiseptic. That is only true when the proper aesthetic accents and details are not added. Here you see how the ‘osage orange’ wood door front becomes a significant feature in the space and literally “floats” against the all white backdrop. 

White has been used as symbolism all throughout history.
The angels in early art were always draped in white.
Greeks wore white to cause pleasant dreams.
In the Hindu Upanishads, the white color of the fire is considered to be the color of the water.
In ancient Ireland white represented south. 
Bonnie Edelman Photography
To the Navaho white denotes the eastern mountains and the creator of the day, and to the Hopi it denotes the east.
To the Chinese white represents the west as well as being the symbol for metal and the traditional color for mourning.
In Siam white elephants are sacred.
A white flag is raised as a token of peaceful and friendly intentions or as a symbol of surrender.

White is purity, goodness, light and innocence. It is considered perfection. White is generally positive and simple.
Chateau - Fleur Blanc Polished Water Jet mosaic. Artistic Tile.
White Inspired.

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