Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 National Kitchen and Bath Association Trend Spotter - PART 2

The conclusion and follow up to May 6th blog on the 2012 reports from the National Kitchen and Bath Association,  NKBA. Here are the final 5 top trend picks.

For the first time ever since the NKBA began tracking annual design trends, traditional is no longer the most popular type of design. In no better way do the current kitchen and bath pictures I've chosen here and from my blog report part 1, confirm this style trend. In both the kitchen and bathroom, you will find "Transitional" design in the forefront. 

For those of you who are still unclear as to what transitional means, it simply is the blend of contemporary with traditional design creating a modern classic look. Contemporary design is trailing transitional only by a small percentage base and is quickly becoming the look going into the future.  
Kitchen from the Modern Gallery Collection by Caesarstone.
As homeowners look for more efficient use of space and multitasking room use, most designers are now turning toward medicine cabinets as an effective way to gain additional storage. NKBA’s study indicates 66% of bathroom remodels have incorporated medicine cabinets as opposed to what was typically used a decorative full width mirror. 

Below, the center photo shows 2 door front medicine cabinets recessed on either side of the mirror. Additionally, medicine cabinets are now being manufactured to incorporate touch screens on the mirror so you can watch your favorite local news and weather while brushing your teeth in the morning!
brooksBerry Custom Cabinetry
Despite the higher initial cost, light-emitting diode, or LED, is growing in popularity. NKBA sees a growth up by 70% this past year. I believe LED will eventually take over the industry as best source and best energy efficient usage in lighting. 
On the flip side, fluorescent lights are coming to an end as they offer poor color of light and the presence of mercury is keeping them out of nearly every newly remodeled kitchen and bath. According to NKBA, fluorescent light usages fell from 36% to 26% last year.
Classic Bathroom from Caesarstone Gallery
Pull out kitchen faucets have become established as the dominant type of kitchen faucet used in 2011 and going forward into 2012. The uses of pull out faucets this year have increased to 93% according to the NKBA.
Modern Kitchen by Caesarstone
It is no surprise, I should end this report with the popular use of solid surfaces. Solid surfaces have been around for quite awhile now. Recently in 2011 and 2012, their use has become very popular as the appeal of solid surfaces becomes better known to mainstream public. 
The use of solid surfaces in kitchens jumped from 11% to 26% just earlier this year according to NKBA.  Their innate composition makes them more than ideal when used for the bathroom. 
Solid surfaces, such as Caesartstone, hold up well to water, scratching, and heat; they are durable and look good over time. Solid surfaces are easily molded and configured to any shape desired in your design application. 
However, yes it is true.  Granite and quartz still continue to be the no.1 material used by designers and homeowners.....although, NKBA reports their popularity is beginning to wane just slightly.
Modern Bathroom from Caesarstone Galleries
       Did you guess right? 
On your next remodel or renovation project, consider using some of the newest materials offered in the market today!

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