Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's In a Name - Farrow & Ball Paint

Here in the states, most of us may not be familiar with what I think is the best paint out there on the market today. Farrow & Ball. 
Since the company was founded in Dorset, England, F&B has been making paint one batch at a time and remains today one of the few companies making a full range of traditional and modern paint finishes of the highest quality.

Their distribution base here in the states is growing, however, I wish faster and in more cities to make their paint product more readily available. Non the less, this paint is worth the few extra bucks per can and F&B ships their paint to anywhere in the world. One gallon of F&B paint goes further and gives better coverage than most of the mainstream paint brands.
Showroom opening in Frankfurt, Germany
At first glance, you might find the names of their colors strange and off beat. In some instances, conjuring up peculiar thoughts when entertaining the idea of using 'Dead Salmon'' or 'Babouche' on your walls. Mouse's Back, a great color, but the name may intimidate you to try it! Yet, you will find when looking further, the names of their paint colors, though seemingly odd, do indeed describe the colour exactly as nature, history or architecture intended.

Unlike other paint companies that offer thousands of colors to choose from, F&B offers a select 132 colors, (along with their past archived colors). What a WONDERFUL idea.  After all, who needs 10 shades of bubble gum pink or grape to choose from with one finally ending up on your wall in devastating disappointment. 
The Conran Shop in Marylebone, London - Skimming Stone on walls
There are literally thousands of organizations that head down the path of mediocrity by rushing to offer hundreds of varieties, merely to please today's shareholders, merely because they can. Most of the hundreds of colors offered by mainstream paint companies, in my opinion, are just fillers. 

The depth and beauty of Farrow & Ball paint colors are unmatched by others. They use more high quality pigments and resins and no low quality 'fillers', which give their colors greater depth, visibility, and purity of color. The depth of color found in their paint is also produced by adding titanium dioxide which provides a stronger finish and refracts the light on every corner of the wall. This is known and referred to as 'the Farrow & Ball look'.
The Conran Shop in Marylebone, London. Walls in Mouse's Back and Plummet
Farrow & Ball uses naturally occurring pigments, such as Umbers in their purest form, and natural ingredients like Chalk, Lime Putty and China Clay. Their paints are water based, eco friendly and comply with EU environmental legislation regarding the VOC content of paints. 

What intrigues me the most still, is how they name those colors!  Could it be at their round table discussions when brainstorming color names, they are sipping more than herbal leaves in their 'high tea'?  All kidding aside...

I recommend Farrow & Ball paint as first choice to all my clients who then seamlessly fall in love at first glance. 
Farrow & Ball Sample Pots


  1. Here in the UK we also love Farrow and Ball but we also have the Little Greene Paint co too.
    I love their scales collection....
    Colour Scales is a collection of 48 sophisticated neutrals in 12 families. Each family is made up of four shades, with colours stepped in strength to achieve a more precise shade or a simple, harmonious colour combination when used together.
    I often use clay and mid in hallways and entries and have just used French Grey for a Master and Pearl for a study. Looks wonderfully scandinavian, even though I'm in the UK.

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